3 basic types of photography

A brief explanation of the three basic types of photography. There are three main types of photography: Fine Art, Photojournalism, and Portraiture. Fine art is about the artist’s expression and creative vision. Photojournalism tells a story or records history. Portraiture captures the personality of the subject.


Landscape pictures present natural scenery in an art form. The photographer may choose to depict the land entirely or focus on a specific aspect of nature. Landscapes can be rural, urban, or wild; they can be tranquil or energizing.

Photographers often use light and weather conditions to enhance the mood of their landscapes. By using these photos as a source of inspiration, viewers can experience natural beauty worldwide.


Portrait photography is a genre of photography that captures the likeness and personality of a person in a photograph. It is often used to capture a person’s character, for example, in an official portrait or as part of an individual’s portfolio.

Who can use portrait photography to capture both the emotions and expressions of a person and their physical appearance? What can use the resulting image to commemorate an occasion or capture a moment in someone’s life?


Street photography captures everyday moments candidly as they happen in public places. The resulting images are often raw and unposed, providing a unique perspective on the world around us. While street photography has been around for centuries, the genre has seen a resurgence in recent years, with many photographers sharing their work online.

Street photographers often face challenges such as trying to capture a moment without being noticed or dealing with unpredictable weather conditions. But the thrill of capturing an exciting image makes it all worth it.

Here are some of our favorite street images that capture the essence of life in public places.


In conclusion, there are three types of photography: commercial, fine art, and photojournalism. Commercial photography is used to sell or promote a product or service. Fine art photography is created for the artist’s expression or to express a message. Photojournalism is used to tell a story or capture a moment in time. The three types of photography differ in purpose, technique, and style.

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